Sunday, November 2, 2008

Link-d-Link Italian Charm Tool

There just is not a better Italian Charm Tool than the Link-D-Link. You will not be disappointed with this tool. I have sold many and it always gets glowing reviews. Link~D~Link was designed with two prongs that act like fingers to hold the charm in place while you gently slide it open to add charms to your bracelet. It’s perfect for laser marked charms, photo charms and delicate dangles. We designed our charm tool with your total comfort in mind and it’s so easy to use.

It's Fun and easy!

No twisting involved!

No more sore thumbs!

It's like having two extra fingers!!

In addition to adding charms, our tool makes closing your bracelet super easy. No more hassles,no more frustration and no more broken nails! Save your manicures with Link D Link italian charm tool.


daggers4zidane said...

Oh my goodness o.O I need one of these! I can't even begin to describe the heartache from the last time I tried to open up my charm bracelet xD;;; Let me leave it at this--the charms I bought are not on the bracelet, and it's still in pieces at home :( It's been about six months. XD

Giliena said...

This tool is awesome. I use it all the time for my own stuff.

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