Sunday, November 2, 2008

European Beads

European Beads come in many different styles and the design options are truly endless. They come in gold, sterling silver, glass and even some silver and gold plated. The more popular brand names available are the Pandora, Chamilia and Troll Beads. There are many high quality off brands available for each type.

These beads have a large center hole that allows them to be strung on a special starter bracelet. You will find some that have a threaded center and some that do not. Some bracelets have threaded sections along the chain and the beads with the threaded center will screw onto these sections. This is designed to restrict movement of the beads on the bracelet. The beads with a smooth center will just simply slide right over these sections of the bracelet and move freely.

Glass European Beads

The glass European beads are very popular. They are also often referred to as lampwork European beads. There are so many different designs to choose from the options are limitless. They are available with sterling silver or silver plated cores. They are also available with either a double core or a single core. You can get high quality items either way however I personally prefer the single core beads. There is less chance that the core will be defective and come apart on you.

Sterling Silver European Beads

The sterling silver ones are also very popular. They come in all different shapes and sizes. Some of them are even made with stones and crystals that give them that added sparkle. You can even get them in various animal shapes, symbols and even ones with words and phrases on them. These beads are definitely eye catchers and will attract a lot of attention to your bracelet.

Starter European Bead Bracelet

The European Bead starter bracelet is basically just a rope style bracelet that you string the beads onto. There are a couple of different clasp styles out there. You can get a standard lobster clasp or one that has a beaded look. The picture here shows a sterling silver bracelet with the beaded style clasp. It really all depends on which style you prefer when customizing your bracelet. These starter bracelets also come in various types of metal from gold, sterling silver and even silver plated. It is important with these bracelets to get the right size. You are going to want to measure your wrist and then add an inch to that to determine the correct size for you. We also have available several silver plated watch bracelets.

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